Class Description

Advanced Cupping Massage: Refine, Deepen, Expand Your Skills for Deeper Release

Prerequisite: Must have previously completed cupping massage training for soft silicone cups and contraindications. 

In this class you will:

  • Develop finer palpation with the cups
  • Seamlessly adjust resistance while massaging with the cups
  • Perfect skills for desensitizing painful areas
  • Apply deeper focal resistance for work on tight areas
  • Directionally focus strokes to increase stretch where muscle tension and musculoskeletal imbalance are observed
  • Apply pin and stretch techniques for more effective release
  • Add movement facilitated release techniques during static placement
  • Apply passive, active and resisted movement techniques appropriately 

The Advanced Cupping Massage Class is designed to refine, deepen and expand your skills with soft silicone cups to make them even deeper in their effect and more fluid and sensitive in their application. In this class, you will have the opportunity to refine your cupping massage skills to effectively release the tightest muscles where it seems like we can't ever work deep enough as well as relieve tension and pain for those who can tolerate very minimal pressure. You will learn to incorporate directionality and pin and stretch techniques that will allow you to increase stretch where muscle tension and musculoskeletal imbalance are observed. Additionally, you will apply movement facilitated releases that can be graded for the most sensitive release to a stronger challenge for tight resistant muscles. This course will give you greater confidence and skills for providing the best cupping massage work for your clients!