Class Description

Effective Release for Face, Jaw, Neck and Sinuses: Cupping, Manual, Gentle IASTM Work

Prerequisite: Must have previously completed cupping massage training for soft silicone cups and contraindications.


In this class you will learn:

  • Precautions and contraindications for cupping massage for the face, jaw, neck and sinuses.
  • Proper use and application of facial cups.
  • Proper circulatory and lymphatic orientation while using massage cups on the face, jaw and neck.
  • Proper use and application of facial cups and manual techniques to enhance sinus drainage.
  • Strategic use of cupping massage to improve muscular balance in the neck and jaw.
  • Cupping massage technique to reduce muscular tension and decrease pain in the neck and jaw.
  • Very gentle IASTM technique for areas in the neck and head not accessible to massage cups.
  • Trigger point and myofascial release techniques for the jaw.
  • Self-care strategies to manage jaw tension.  

In this class, you will learn a collection of tool assisted and manual skills for addressing pain and tension in the face, jaw and neck and enhancing lymphatic circulation and stimulating sinus drainage. Instrument assisted work will focus on the safe and gentle application of facial massage cups and use of a soft edged quartz tool. Structural considerations will be covered to allow for greater effectiveness, with particular attention to the interrelationship of jaw and neck tension and the resultant pain and restriction in the jaw that are common complaints in the massage therapist's practice. 

The cupping work will be on the muscles of the face, jaw and neck that we can access safely with the use of massage cups. The face and neck offer some special challenges for cupping massage because of the sensitive tissue in these areas and the presence of major blood vessels. The use of facial cups, which allow for a fine degree of control will be taught along with appropriate precautions and contraindications for their use. Proper circulatory and lymphatic orientation while using the massage cups on the face, jaw and neck will be central to this training, including considerations for the sinuses. Students will also learn to integrate the use of the smaller dome and bubble top cups taught in prior courses into this work where appropriate. 

To further address areas of the neck and jaw, including areas not accessible for cupping work, students will learn to apply very gentle Instrument Assisted Soft Tissue Mobilization (IASTM) using a soft edged facial stone applied to specific jaw and neck muscles. Trigger point and focused manual techniques for muscular tension and sinus drainage will also be covered. All of these skills can be integrated into cupping massage and routine manual work for effective release!