Class Description

Positional Release: Getting out of your head and into your hands!

In this class you will learn:

  • The specific steps for applying positional release.
  • Cautions and modifications for applying positional release.
  • The strategic use of palpation and creating slack for applying positional release for specific upper and lower body applications.
  • To problem solve using positional release strategies in order to apply the use of positional release techniques to specific muscular areas of concern. 

Positional release is like massage "magic" for clients. One second they feel the sharp pain of a trigger point, and the next they are out of pain, and the trigger point evaporates...completely. Manually releasing the tight musculature would have required significantly more effort for the therapist and discomfort for the client.

In this class, you will learn the specific steps for applying positional release technique to reset the proprioreceptors of a muscle and achieve relief of focused tight, tender and painful areas in the muscle. You will learn to apply positional release for several upper and lower body applications. The focus of the class will be on developing an in-depth understanding of how to create slack at the point of tension and pain in the muscle, and utilize conscious palpation to obtain release in these areas. 

You will be able to strategically use these skills to problem solve and fluidly apply the technique so that you can apply the use of positional release to virtually any muscle at any point in the massage. You will learn to provide in the moment relief to your clients with a minimum of stress. The gentleness of this work and the relief it affords with little disruption to the flow of the session is amazing! You will learn principles and techniques for fluidly applying positional release that will let you get out of your head and into your hands with amazing results!