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Cupping Massage: Introduction, Integration, and Therapeutic Applications

"I was thrilled to be here and even more happy to take this class and meet Mary. She did an excellent job teaching, including and making things versatile to learn." Helen 1/13/20

"This  is probably the first continuing ed course I've taken which I feel the  info was very comprehensive and so applicable to my practice. I am so  excited to see the benefits my clients will reap from cupping. They are  going to love it... as will my hands and  overall body longevity! Woop Woop! Excellent workshop, Mary!" Mary Jo  12/16/19

"Mary took the mystery out of cupping. She clearly loves teaching and wants to share her knowledge." Lisa, 9/14/19

"Turned this skeptic into an appreciative believer!!" Donna, 5/13/19

"Mary was tremendous and laid back! A very knowledgeable instructor and clearly a skilled therapist." James, 5/4/19

"What a useful and effective new tool to add to my toolbox! Thank you for creating such a supportive learning environment!" Yinh, 4/8/19

"Hi  Mary, I am very thankful for you and your class! I cannot get over the  difference using cups and the big bonus is how much I am NOT exhausted  or too sore at the end of the day!" Amy, 7/1/19 

"Awesome class, Mary was very knowledgeable, patient, fun. I am looking forward to take more continuing ed with her. Was recommended to Mary by lots of massage therapists." Sasha, 4/8/19

"Mary was very organized, helpful and informative. She loves her work and it shows." Geralyn, 5/20/19

"Excellent class- Afraid at first- Feeling  comfortable by days end." Mary, 2/11/19

"Thank you so much Mary for one of the most well organized, fun and  informational courses that I have taken in a long time. I am very glad I  took this course as the information you provided is essential for  safety and comfort of the massage." Nina 5/12/18

"I really enjoyed this class. I appreciate so much the research you provided as that's the basis of all my work so thank you! I really thought you were wonderful!" Danielle, 4/8/19

"I  loved the cupping class and although reluctant to try it on my clients,  I jumped right in… and… they… LOVED IT! I used it on one persons calves  and back.. Amazing how easy it is on the hands. Just amazing. One  comment my client said was that they couldn’t tell that I was using the  cupping on his back but I could see the tissue responding! I have told  everyone about you and I can’t wait till the advanced class." Shirley,  12/7/18


"Most amazing class. Easy to understand, informative and very enjoyable. 8 hours flew by!!" Melissa 5/12/18

"I wish I took this years ago! Thank you." Mike, 5/4/19

"Mary is very welcoming and open, putting everyone at ease. Her course is well-organized and provides a worthwhile amount of information without being overwhelming. I feel like I have a new, usable skill. Thank you!" Anne, 4/8/19

"This class is a must for every massage therapist!" Lisa, 5/4/19

"I  have been wanting to send a thank you email since I took the intro  class with you in mid-October.  I have really enjoyed the work and the  results with clients and your instruction was on point." MaryAnn,  11/13/18


"I've had great success with the cups -  amazing results, actually, on two people that traditional deep tissue  massage wasn't getting it for them....but the cups!?!?!  WOW!"  Kathy,  8/3/18

"Very glad to have taken this course- wish I had  taken it sooner! Mary- you were great, and this was the best continuing  ed class I have taken. Thank you!!!" Tiffany, 4/18/18

"Some  people are natural born teachers and Mary Henderson is one of them.  Excellent, clear structure that is easily understood. Wonderful  communication and thoughtfully laid out plan for material. Mary is  clearly great with her knowledge of anatomy and a lovely personality to  match. I took a lot away from this course." Danielle 8/19/17

"This was a great class. The information was very well presented with lots of hands on practice. I feel like I can bring this into my practice easily,"  Erin, 2/11/19

"I was impressed with the content of the course and the delivery of the information.The instructor was clear and made me excited to begin cupping." Andrea, 9/25/18

"Great information, well taught! Listened and fully answered all questions and concerns throughout the course. Very approachable and engaging." Kelley, 10/15/18 


"It  was a great! I can see a lot of opportunities to put this into  practice. It will certainly make deep work more effective." Alison,  3/5/18

"Enjoyed this more than the ITCA 3 day  course, although we covered more areas in that class, this was more  thorough info!" 3/18/17

"The education in the course was great. Awesome job at reaching everyone's learning style!" Angel, 5/13/19

​"I just wanted you to know how much I  enjoyed and LOVED your class this last Saturday at BSMT. I ordered and  just received more LURE cups in the mail...ordered more as soon as I got  home from your class! I gave two successful soft cupping treatments  yesterday. Both clients were amazed at how different their shoulders and  backs felt post treatment. I love the ease of using these soft cups  because I can easily massage with them and LOVE that I don't have to  interrupt the treatment to grab the pneumatic gun to adjust the suction  which, as you know, needs to be done when using the rigid cups. I can't  wait for an ITB problem to surface with a client! You're the best, Mary,  and thanks again!  Keep up the GREAT work!"  3/22/17

"This was  one of the most well organized and well presented CE courses I've ever  taken. The techniques are so effective after one day, I feel confident  bringing cupping into my massage practice." Jessica 9/12/17

"Hands down one of the best classes I've had in any context.... Mary is extremely approachable and knowledgeable. thank you  thank you thank you!..." Ann, 3/30/19

"Well done! Great intro to cupping. I feel ready to use in my practice." Jen, 1/26/19

"Great class learned a lot even with previous knowledge" Carolyn 12/3/18

"One of the best courses I have taken in my 13+ years as an MT." Ally, 10/26/16

"This will likely end up changing the course of my life!" Daniel 7/24/17

"Mary has created a safe environment for learning through exploration, instruction and asking questions." Kelly, 2/10/18 

"This is THE MOST useful of all classes I have taken during my four years..." Twyla 7/12/17

"Though  the course was long, my attention was kept. Mary is a wonderful teacher  and knows how to keep it exciting while being incredibly thorough and  informative. I would recommend her to anyone and everyone. I look  forward to working with her again and using the knowledge I have! "  Shareen, 3/5/18

"Mary  is wonderful in every way- I learned so much- she is so positive,  encouraging and knowledgable- loved this cupping class!" Nicole, 3/10/18

"Amazing class Best one I have taken" Jery, 3/5/18

"This class was awesome. Mary answered everyone's questions and was a fabulous help." Amanda, 3/5/18

"After  not taking a CE class in a while this was a perfect class to take. I  felt excited, engaged and interested entire time. Loved the pace and  Mary was terrific and on point- so knowledgable. Thank you!!" Cassie,  2/10/18

"I  love how well you communicated with class to encourage time management.  Excellent technical knowledge and explanations." Kimberly, 2/10/18

"I  loved how interactive this course was! I loved our instructor. She made  everything very easy to follow and understand." Brooke, 2/10/18

"Amazing instructor! Can't wait to start using cupping this week." Victoria, 2/10/18

"Thank you for the care you've given to creating and communicating this course material. Excellent!" Diana, 1/31/18

"Mary  is a great instructor and very knowledgeable. She is also very  sensitive to my feelings... I would take another class with her  anytime." Debbie, 1/31/18

"Mary  is extremely knowledgeable! Very pleasant, easy to follow what she is  saying. I feel very comfortable with what I've learned." Jillian  10/30/17

"I  was very pleased with this course. Mary broke down each question for  each therapist and was very thorough with the instructions." Linda  10/25/17

"Very thorough, well planned and informative class. Loved the orthopedic aspect." Alex 10/18/17

"Loved  the class. Super organized, knowledge was really great, informative.  Very good, specific info and great demos. Felt as though I learned a lot  and will be able to utilize all the techniques. Best class I've had in a  long time." Sandra 9/18/17


"Mary,  you were so knowledgeable, professional, patient, kind, interesting,  organized, and made the course fun and informative as well as  interesting" Danielle 9/18/17

​"It was a tremendously informative class. I am looking forward to integrating cupping into my practice." Beth 7/10/17 

"This  course was amazing. The instructor was very knowledgeable and  passionate about this work. It was a great class and I will absolutely  recommend this class." Sarah 7/10/17


"Very excited to put this to work! Gives me hope that my body will last longer." Sue 6/26/17

"Also  wanted you to know that my right arm isn't tingling anymore and feels  so much looser!!! I slept like a baby, didn't wake up once...which  almost never happens :) I am still so blown away by everything we  learned yesterday. I feel like cupping is this hidden gem!! And your  teaching is so clear and informative."  5/6/17

"This  was an excellent course. Very informative. Changed my whole outlook on  cupping. I could not be more happy with the class." Lisa, 5/6/17

​"Thank you Mary! The class was informative, fun and a great day. Can't wait to implement the cups." Heather 4/5/17

​"Mary  was a very personable and knowledgeable instructor. I learned so much. I  am excited to incorporate into my practice. I look forward to taking  future classes with her." Lynnette, 4/5/17 

​"Amazing  class. Mary was well educated, excellent instructor, well organized.  Overall one of the best CEU's I have taken!!" Karen, 3/18/17

​"Really excellent, I didn't know there were so many ways to use the cups!" Greg, 3/18/17

​​"Mary was an exceptional teacher. Her passion for the subject was infectious." Marie 3/18/17

​"Mary  is a top notch instructor. Very detail oriented and helpful. Appreciate  the thorough notes and overall organization." Teresa, 3/18/17 

"Thank  you so much Mary! This is one of the best courses I have taken. Well  organized. Lots of info. I would highly recommend this course to others.  Great job!" Gretchen, 2/8/17

"The best class I have taken in a while. Mary is knowledgeable and personable and has a cool vibe overall." Tara, 2/8/17

​"Mary is a gem and incredibly knowledgeable! Loved her whole class." Elizabeth, 12/3/16

​"I never thought that cupping could ever be so effective and invigorating on the muscle tissue." Hailey, 11/3/16

​"Thank you for doing a very professional and thorough job teaching." Donna, 11/3/16

​"This class was amazing! Definitely would be recommending this to my clients!" Megan, 11/2/16

"I  thoroughly enjoyed this class. Well organized and clearly communicated  training. Well balanced lecture and hands on!" Jess, 10/26/16

"Mary  is a great teacher with a really strong knowledge of anatomy and  physiology. This class has been well worth the time and the price is so  reasonable. Can't wait to use these cupping techniques on my clients!"  Anita, 9/14/16

Advanced Cupping Massage

"Excellent class, terrific instruction, and great students." Laurel, 2/3/20

"Fabulous day. Thanks so much for imparting such great knowledge. I will absolutely use what I learned today!" Amy, 9/21/19

"I feel even more confident in my cupping skills and am eager to try out my new skills on my next clients. Thank you for your knowledge and am comforted that you're always on alert for new info and studies in the cupping field!" Amanda, 3/27/19

"Thank you for another wonderful, informative cupping class. You are a gifted teacher!" Jill, 10/7/19

"I loved this training and got tons of new techniques to use in my practice. Excellent!" Rachel, 9/21/19

"I used to have absolutely no interest in learning and using cups but I am so glad I gave it a try because I love it so much now. It is such an amazing modality and makes positive change so quickly!!!" Andrea, 6/15/19

"This class was amazing. Mary is such a great teacher. So nice and kind and such a joy. I will pass this along to others. Thank you Mary!" Elizabeth, 9/21/19

"I really enjoyed this class. Perfect amount of lecture mixed with perfect amount of hands on practical time. More importantly, I can easily incorporate this work... apply it in my practice." Jess, 6/15/19

"Great class, all techniques are readily usable in my practice. Mary has a great way of teaching and making sure you really understand it." Karen, 1/28/19

"Excellent teacher, great group of people, strong techniques I will use!" Carlos, 4/22/19

"So great! This is exactly what I was hoping for. I love cupping and this just added so much more (skills and understanding)." Nikki, 4/22/19

Great course, great results...can't wait to use what I've learned" Luke, 3/27/19

"I love your classes. You are an amazing instructor." Shirley, 1/28/19

"Mary was great. Wonderful techniques I will use in my practice! Plenty of time to practice too." Georgenne  11/5/18

"Great class, learned a lot!!" Ce, 5/7/18

"Thanks for the excellent class today!" 5/7/18

Cupping Massage and Gentle IASTM for the Jaw and Neck

"Loved the class and the diversity of the material. Many magnificent techniques to add to my toolbox." Shirley, 2/8/20

"Thank you Mary! You're a great teacher for me. Calm, educated, and not fussy. Very practical. Love it!" Hollie, 2/8/20

"Was unsure at first, but I feel so much better and more informed." Ray, 10/28/19

"Thank you for your patience, several examples, modifications and for making sure every person got individual instruction!" Jenna, 10/28/19

 "Wonderful new set of tools! Game changer!" Judith, 9/16/19

"Mary was great. Instructions were clear and there was enough time to practice and ask questions." Kathy, 10/28/19

"Thank you Mary, another wonderful, thorough and organized class with wonderful effective techniques." Adrienne, 9/16/19 

"This class taught me so much. I am very excited to bring this to my clients they will all start benefiting." 2/25/19

"Always very thorough and encouraging of any and all questions." Kelley, 2/25/19

"Very thorough and will be really helpful to clients with jaw issues! Well organized!" Alex, 2/26/18

"Really liked that it was not only cupping but other modalities as well." 2/26/18

"As  always, Mary delivered a well organized, super informational and easily  applicable, yet very effective skills class. I enjoy taking classes  from you! Great demeanor, great communication!" Jessica 10/14/17

"Awesome class, very helpful. Thank you!!!" Brooke, 2/26/18

"Knowledgeable, efficient, thorough, wonderful" Sara 10/14/17

"Awesome class as usual. Love the hands on!"  Pam 10/14/17

"Loved this class!! Looking forward to applying what I learned." Maureen 8/14/17

"I don't usually give all top numbers, but your classes are always top  notch! All of the information is relevant, accessible, and usable!"  Christina 8/14/17

"Excellent  class techniques I know I will use. My neck and jaw feel brand new.  Neck feels longer. Can't wait for the next class!" Carolyn, 5/22/17

​"Once  again, I was so impressed by this work and Mary's instruction, flow of  the class, and knowledge of the work. Thank you so much!" Capri, 5/22/17

​"Phenomenal  class! Everything useful and will be incorporating into my work. Thank  you! Looking forward to more from you."  5/22/17

Positional Release: Getting Out of Your Head and Into Your Hands

"I had a great time and learned so much. I have been doing P.R. for 8 years now and she made things easier and things made more sense the way she described." Shawn, 2/9/19

"Fantastic course! I loved learning how to work smarter not harder! Looking forward to taking more courses and of course I will recommend to everyone I know!" Anetta, 9/30/19

 "I  worked on Wednesday night and incorporated some of what you taught on 3 of my long-standing clients. Their reactions were priceless. It made a huge difference and gave me other avenues to explore with their chronic  conditions. I love it and am looking to learn more." Anne, 6/22/18 

"New techniques were very helpful, Mary answered all of our questions and showed us how to perfect many moves." Geralyn, 9/30/19

"Knowledgeable instructor learned many techniques I can't wait to bring into my practice." Marian, 4/27/19

"Thank you so much!! So easy and non-complicated to learn. Thank you for keeping it simple." Christina, 4/27/19

"I found this course very informative. I will absolutely use this information in my practice." Kim, 4/27/19

"A very good class that gave me a good foundation to go forward with positional release in my practice. Thank you." 2/9/19

​"Thank you Mary- like your cupping class, the material in this course is incredibly applicable to my daily work!" Lisa 6/18/18

"Mary  mixes techniques and demos with enough practice time. She is open,  helpful and knowledgeable. 2nd class with Mary and I love her teaching  style." Cassie 6/11/18

"Loved it all! Excited to use everything!!" Danielle 6/18/19

"Hi  Mary, I just wanted to tell you how much I enjoyed your class last  Monday 6/11. I've been using the technique on practically all of my  clients with excellent results. I love it!!! Thank you so much." Tricia,  6/20/18

"Excellent course! Great info and thank you so much!" Melanie, 1/22/18

"Excellent  amount of time to practice and looking forward to using positional  release on my clients. Thank you for answering questions." Alex, 1/22/18

"Mary Henderson's style of teaching is what keeps me coming back over and over again." Sara, 1/22/18

"Loved the class- your communication is excellent- you can tell you love what you do" Elizabeth 6/21/17

"Awesome concepts to be applied to any muscle and keep us creative instead of just special 'moves'."
John 6/21/17

"Thank you so much, this was really great information that I can't wait to practice!" 3/25/17

​"Great information, have clients who will greatly benefit." Kris, 3/25/17

"Mary  was very well prepared for her teaching experience. Her knowledge was  well shared and her passion for her work infectious. The subject base  will be used in my private practice immediately." Marie, 3/25/17

"Great as always. Very attentive and answered all questions." Tracy, 3/25/17

"I really liked the 'free' time to experiment and the questions at the end." Lindsey, 3/25/17